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The more you buy the more you save

Saving you more

10ofThose are keen to aid the wider distribution of quality resources. That is why we discount everything we sell. What’s more, we discount further the more copies you buy. 

So when clicking on a product you will see a single copy price and then along side it you will see prices for multiples. When editing your basket the checkout total will change. That’s where the policy of ‘The more you buy the more you save’ comes into play.

We have designed our pricing structure, especially 10Publishing publications, in such a way that they can be easily and affordably given away or used in ministry. This means many products are subsidised by 10ofThose for this purpose.

Why the name ‘10ofThose’?

People often ask this question – the reason is that when we started out we sold in quantities of one and 10. When you bought ten you received a further discount in recognition of your larger purchase. Today, as 10ofThose have grown, we want to help you buy more resources at cheaper prices but realise you might not want ten. That’s why we now support discounts for quantities of less than ten. 


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