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Luther and the 9.5 Theses

Kenneth Brownell

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With hindsight, key moments in history that seemed momentary can come to be incredibly iconic. Luther’s nailing of the 95 Theses to a church door in Wittenberg 500 years ago is such a moment.

In Luther and the 9.5 Theses, Kenneth Brownell explains why making the 95 Theses public was such a turning point in church history. He draws out 9 (and a half!) key points from the theses that are crucial for us to uphold today if we want to be faithful to Christ and His gospel in our generation. This is a fast paced look back at one of the defining moments of Christian history, and a challenging look ahead to see how we can stand for the truth of the Bible.

‘An informed and essential guide to Luther’s life and theology through the presentation of the 95 theses that changed the course of church history. Brownell not only expounds the significance of that document in the context of the 16th century but helps the reader to apply it to our present–day situation. The conviction that lies at the heart of the book is that the Protestant Reformation has many lessons to teach to Reformational churches as they seek to remain faithful to the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the midst of the many challenges they face, both internally and externally. A simple yet profound book to be accompanied by in the celebrations of the 5th centenary of the Reformation.’ – Leonardo De Chirico, lecturer in Historical Theology (IFED, Padova, Italy)


Trim: Paperback
ISBN13: 9781911272366
Publisher: 10Publishing
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About the author(s)

Kenneth Brownell was born and brought up in the United States where he received his BA from Harvard University. In 1976 he came to study for a doctorate at St. Andrews University in Scotland. After teaching in American schools and colleges in London he attended the London Theological Seminary and worked at Cholmeley Evangelical Church in North London. In 1989 he became the minister at East London Tabernacle. In addition to his pastoral responsibilities he teaches church history at the London Theological Seminary and chairs the Ministry Board of Pastoral Training International. He is also involved in the work of Christian Heritage London. Ken is married to Alison, a hospital physician, and has two adult children.

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