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Raising Teens in a Hyper–Sexualized World

Help for Christian Parents

Eliza Huie

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“As a parent of teens I’m eager to get all the help I can, and especially when it comes to the challenges and complexities of raising them in a digital world. Eliza Huie’s little book offers help—help that is wise, practical, and biblical.” – Tim Challies, Author and blogger

“There are thousands of ways in which this world is screaming in your kid’s ears, ‘Have sex!’ ‘Forget purity!’ ‘It feels good so take it!’ Parents of teenagers need help in an over–sexualized world. Eliza Huie’s Raising Teens in a Hyper–Sexualized World is going to be a useful resource for parents. Short, concise, and an easy read, you will walk away with edifying and instructive thoughts for your parenting.” – Deepak Reju, PhD, Pastor of Biblical Counseling and Family Ministry, Capitol Hill Baptist Church (Washington, DC), Author of On Guard and The Pastor and Counseling

”Eliza’s little book is an excellent resource for parents whose children will soon be entering the teenage years. Full of practical counsel and well researched information, Eliza brings simple clarity to a subject many parents fear to discuss.”  Julie Ganschow Biblical Counselor, Author

“I really like this book. It is unafraid to go right to where teenagers are and right to what parents worry about. In imitation of a heavenly Father who knows and cares, its top tips are immensely wise.” – Ann Benton, Author and speaker

“Don’t let this book’s brevity fool you. Counsellor Eliza Huie has packed in a plethora of biblical and practical wisdom on a critical issue facing every parent today. Read it, digest it, and be better prepared to have meaningful conversations with your teen about sexuality as God designed and intended it.” – Jonathan Holmes, Pastor of Counseling, Parkside Church; Biblical Counseling Coalition Council Member

“As the father of two teenage daughters, with friends of varying ‘sexualities’ I was delighted to read this book. If anything, it is too short. But, it is a fantastic little primer and will be extremely useful for those parents struggling with some of the sexual issues of our day. Down to earth, biblical and full of common sense. Get it.” ~ Mez McConnell, 20Schemes


Parents of teens face the challenge of raising their children in a sex–mad, sex–saturated world.

Eliza Huie, a parent and Christian counsellor, takes you through, practically, how to walk with your teen in the midst of this hyper–sexualized world. The tips come in the form of what not to do, yet does so without giving a sense of judgment or failure. Instead, this short book takes a look at the value of reframing the mistakes both parents and teens may have already made and gives a hopeful picture of how our compassionate Father moves toward us in weakness.


Trim: Paperback
ISBN13: 9781911272182
Publisher: 10Publishing
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About the author(s)

Eliza Huie is an experienced marriage and family counsellor. She is married to Ken, and they have three children in their late teens and early twenties.

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