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Revolutionary Work

What’s the point of the 9 to 5?

William Taylor

2 Customer Reviews

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We spend more time working than doing almost anything else, yet work is often difficult, unsatisfying and frustrating. Sometimes our efforts feel never–ending, and the idea that we should be working for the Lord is often squeezed out.

This book, based on a series of sermons by William Taylor, will help you to see that being a Christian can make a difference to how we experience work. William argues that ‘the Bible’s teaching on work is not only liberating but also exhilarating and refreshingly realistic’.

Whatever type of work you’re involved in, you’ll find this book full of wisdom on how to be a wise and godly worker.


Trim: Paperback
ISBN13: 9781910587997
Publisher: 10Publishing
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Customer Reviews

  • Phil Griffin | starstarstarstarstar

    Helpful and challenging

    This is a helpful and challenging book on the subject of work based upon a series of sermons given by William Taylor, and shows the correct Biblical priority of work which is to serve Christ. The book is very practical and up to date in its examples.


  • Richard James | starstarstarstarstar

    Sharp, courageous and Biblical.

    As you'd expect from William, this is a nourishing read which faithfully affirms the place of work in human life without rose-tinted specs. Where this book is unusual is in the way William then boldly challenges some of the shibboleths of recent years which (he argues) go beyond Biblical teaching about vocation, excellence and purpose in this present creation, concluding that gospel ministry is the true "work of God" (John 4), whatever our employment. Would be great to give/recommend to workers, and it's nice to have included a chapter by musician Dave Bignell for artists. Inevitably (having been preached first as sermons for St Helen's in London) the book reads before that point as especially good for office 9-5 (or is that 8-late) types.


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