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Exodus: The Lord and His Pilgrims

40 undated devotions through the book of Exodus

Alec Motyer

3 Customer Reviews

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‘I was a slave under a king determined to put me to death. Moses said: take a lamb and shelter under its blood. I did so, and the Lord saved me.’
The testimony that an Israelite rescued from slavery in Egypt might have given sounds remarkably similar to how we might describe our own salvation today. We too have been saved from death through the blood of a Lamb.

World–renowned Old Testament scholar Alec Motyer unfolds the drama of the book of Exodus in 40 daily readings. This rescue story will resonate with you as you appreciate afresh God’s all–encompassing saving grace.


Trim: Paperback
ISBN13: 9781910587621
Publisher: 10Publishing
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Customer Reviews

  • Roger Carswell | starstarstarstarstar

    Everyone should read this!

    It’s a long since a book has so fed my mind, thrilled heart and filled me with a new love for the Lord Jesus. Everyone should read this!


  • Jonathan Gemmell | starstarstarstarstar

    Heartily recommend it

    Alec Motyer is a scholar that I appreciate greatly. He has been so helpful in clearing up some of the trickier parts of Isaiah and I have loved hearing him speak on a number of occasions. His Exodus Devotional, The Lord and His Pilgrims, is an incredibly useful resource in stimulating the mind, stirring the heart and steering the reader through the epic Exodus journey.

    I enjoyed it greatly and a particular highlight were the cross references to the New Testament that bought fresh light on familiar passages. It is a wonderful devotional and does everything you would hope such a resource would do.

    At Bruntsfield we have used a number of these books in our congregation, most recently Daniel by Justin Mote and Romans by David Cook. This offering from Alec Motyer is up there with the best of them and I heartily recommend it for personal and corporate devotional life.


  • Bishop Wallace Benn | starstarstarstarstar

    Simply brilliant

    These 40 undated devotions through Exodus are simply brilliant! They are vintage Alec Motyer with that marvellous combination of sharp exegetical insight, warm hearted devotion, and a grip on biblical theology and the storyline of the Bible that mark out his preaching and writing. Thank you ‘10 of Those’ for publishing this excellent Bible reading aid. I have already been greatly blessed by it, and given copies to others. Don’t miss getting a copy yourself and being blessed too!


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