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The Freedom of Self–Forgetfulness [25 Pack]

25 Copy Ministry Pack

Timothy Keller

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This is a ministry pack containing 25 copies  

‘What are the marks of a supernaturally changed heart?’ 

This is one of the questions the Apostle Paul addresses as he writes to the church in Corinth. He’s not after some superficial outward tinkering, but instead a deep–rooted, life–altering change that takes place on the inside. In an age where pleasing people, puffing up your ego and building your résumé are seen as the methods to ‘make it’, the Apostle Paul calls us to find true rest in blessed self–forgetfulness.

In this short and punchy book, best–selling author Timothy Keller, shows that gospel–humility means we can stop connecting every experience, every conversation with ourselves and can thus be free from self–condemnation. A truly gospel–humble person is not a self–hating person or a self–loving person, but a self–forgetful person.

This freedom can be yours…

“An excellent little piece. This is a truly liberating book for anyone who’s ever worried about what others think of them or been caught up in conflict. You’ll find your life explained and then put on the path to freedom.”
— Tim Chester, Author and speaker

“Tim Keller knows that personal freedom is only ever found in viewing yourself from the vantage point of the person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ. Read and experience that freedom yourself.”
— Paul Tripp, President, Paul Tripp Ministries; Executive Director, Center for Pastoral Life and Care; Professor of Pastoral Life and Care, Redeemer Seminary

“In this helpful little book, Dr Keller paints a compelling picture of a truly gospel–humble person who is so taken up with his Lord that he is freed from the constant need to think about himself. We were challenged by it: we pray that you will be too.”
— Christopher and Carolyn Ash, Author and former Director of The Cornhill Training Course (The Proclamation Trust), London


Trim: Paperback
ISBN13: 9905560872573
Publisher: 10Publishing
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