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Evangelistic Preaching

Proclaiming the gospel to non–Christians who are listening

Roger Carswell

2 Customer Reviews

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Clear, faithful proclamation of the gospel is needed more than ever, but the pressures of the age are often causing us to stay silent and withdraw.

Roger defines biblical, evangelistic preaching as ‘proclaiming the gospel, to non–Christians, who are listening.’ He then helpfully, unpacks this and walks us through the Bible principles of sharing the good news.

This is far from being just a theory book. With stories and examples, Roger applies what the Bible says, helps us think through how it will impact our preparation, prayers and preaching and excites us for what God can do through His word.

If you’re a seasoned preacher or just starting out, this book is for you. It will help you think through both your message and method, how truth can be clearly communicated and manifested in love.


Trim: Hardback
ISBN13: 9781910587171
Publisher: 10Publishing
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Customer Reviews

  • Richard Atherton | starstarstarstarstar

    Ideal for reading a second and third time.

    Don’t read this book if you want a comfortable, easy–going Christian life! It is aimed particularly at preachers, but its message applies to all of us acting on Jesus’ words: ‘You shall be my witnesses’ (Acts 1:8).

    The introduction, ‘The need for evangelistic preaching’, points out how our lives can be so full of Christian meetings and good works that evangelism can be squeezed out, ‘so that we are spending far less time involved with eyeball to eyeball evangelism than we are seated behind our laptops and PCs’ (p.4).

    Five brief chapters follow, describing the marks of authentic evangelistic preaching. My favourite chapter is on preaching with love: ‘If our hearts are full of love, we will find that it is hard, though not impossible, to offend people. To keep a heart of love we will need time to be alone with the Lord, and also time with ordinary people’ (p.26).

    The final chapter, ‘Evangelistic preaching expects results’, encourages us all to keep on taking the gospel to an often hostile world. Calvin is quoted: ‘The gospel cannot be proclaimed without driving the world to rage’. But, as Carswell reminds us, ‘according to Romans 1:16, the gospel is not an idea to be debated or a philosophy to be discussed, but a power to be unleashed’ (p.55).

    The book is full of punchy phrases, jolting the sleepy reader wide–awake! At 60 pages it is brief, so ideal for reading a second and third time.

    In these days, when there is so much to discourage us from clear and bold proclamation of the gospel, this book is just the tonic for putting iron into our bones and propelling us out of our comfort zone into the world of lost men and women.

    A final quote: ‘Let us remember that God uses the weakest Christian as well as the most powerful evangelist. He uses a tract, a sentence or poster as a tiny seed…’ (p.58).


  • Alan Hill | starstarstarstarstar

    Evangelistic Preaching

    This is a book that every preacher should read because every preacher should be a preacher of the Gospel! In 5 short chapters Roger Carswell answers why? and then how?

    Do you find it difficult to connect with non Christians? Then read this book. Do you want ideas about how to present the Gospel? Then read this book.

    The author rightly says that evangelistic preaching has become a lost weapon in the armoury of many churches. I pray that this book will help churches rediscover it...and use it for the glory of God and the extension of His Kingdom.


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