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Crazy Lazy

A warning against laziness

Alistair Begg

5 Customer Reviews

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Laziness is often seen as a bit of a joke – the stereotypical student who thinks each day has one 9 o’clock; the prolific procrastinator; or just the ordinary person quick to make excuses when a hard job comes along. We are all too comfortable with laziness, too sleepy ourselves to notice the dangers a lifestyle like this brings.

In Crazy Lazy, a book short enough even for the laziest of readers, Alistair Begg urges us to take laziness seriously. He delves into the book of Proverbs to warn us of the devastating effect it has on ourselves, our relationships with others and our relationship with God.

This book exposes laziness as a sin, and challenges us to tackle it head on, while encouraging us that a life lived today can be so much more fulfilling than one constantly postponed until tomorrow.


Trim: Paperback
ISBN13: 9781909611900
Publisher: 10Publishing
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Customer Reviews

  • Benjamin Quek | starstarstarstarstar

    Buying a large bunch to give out as Christmas presents!

    Definitely a book I'll recommend. Short, Biblical and piercing! An excellent reminder of a sin so prevalent in society that we often don't see it as a sin. Truthfully, my (& our) lazyness in daily life is what causes my lack of time and thus resulting in what I call "busyness"!


  • Jonathan Thomas | starstarstarstarstar

    A short & sharp challenhge

    I kind of enjoy reading about the sluggard in the Book of Proverbs. I find him a sadly comical character who highlights a lot of weaknesses in my own life. So it was with great anticipation that I read the short book (42 pages) Crazy Lazy: A warning against laziness by Alistair Begg. This is a great introduction to the sluggard and the challenges he delivers.
    The first thing I noticed in this little book were the pictures. I particularly enjoyed the cartoon pictures on the bottom right of each page that you can watch by flicking through the pages. However, don’t let the pictures make you think this book is a comfortable read. This book is very important and needed in an age of procrastination. I’m sure many of us know what it is to whittle away the hours on Twitter or surfing the web. Begg is brilliant at painting a picture of the sluggard from Proverbs and then pointing out clear applications to our life in the 21st Century. This book makes you want to read the Book of Proverbs to meet the sluggard, but also helps you see some traits of the sluggard in your own life. This is definitely a challenging read. If you feel the temptation to be a little lazy, procrastinate or leave things undone until another day, this book is for you…and it is short with pictures.


  • Tom Webster | starstarstarstarstar

    Wake up call

    So I’ve had this book awhile and I hadn’t quite got round to reviewing it. I suspect I may be the target demographic.

    This short book(let?) by Alistair Begg is a reflection on the Proverbs relating to the “sluggard”. Like the Proverbs themselves this books aims to succinctly and, where needed, bitingly, reveal to us our laziness as the sin it really is.

    We live in a world of laziness, often masked by the frenetic pace of life. We can hide from the world – stuck in our beds – or we can rise up, and through the work of the Holy Spirit, do away with this sin of laziness and live lives befitting our Christian identity.

    This wee book is a timely wake up call.


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