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The Word One to One: Pack Two (Set of 2)

John Chapter 5 to 10

6 Customer Reviews

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This pack contains two copies of the second three books, containing 10 studies – one for you and one for your friend.

The Word One to One presents Jesus to your friends by opening up His Word.

Each double page has the Bible text on the left hand side, and on the right hand side questions, comments and answers.

Everything you need is included in the pack. This means you do not need to be used to teaching the bible, or leading a study, or have taken a course in John before opening these notes with your friends. All you need to explain the passage is in the notes!

The Word One to One takes you through the entire Gospel of John. This volume includes 10 studies, that take you from John Chapter 5 through to the end of John chapter 10.
Volume 1 is available here

Take a look inside (http://www.theword121.com/buyordownload)!

You can check out The Word One to One website at: www.theword121.com


Trim: Paperback
ISBN13: 9781909611221
Publisher: 10Publishing
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Customer Reviews

  • Felicity Patterson | starstarstarstarstar

    Do–able, direct and engaging

    A couple of friends and I have been working through this resource for the last 3 months and it has been amazing to see John literally lead them to Christ. One of them trusted Jesus when we hit chapter 7, and the other is still considering. The brilliant thing is that they are encountering Jesus in His word without any frills or extras. I love the way that this resource presents the bible naked so to speak and then explains really clearly and simply what is being said. Having the answers on the page mean that there is no awkwardness for these high–fliers with them not knowing the answer and means that we have spent more time discussing the implications of what Jesus is saying rather than wrangling over words and meanings. Anyone who can read can use this resource! And I’m always looking for the next person I can ask to sit down with me and read John’s gospel because it has been made so possible. I’m so grateful for the privilege of seeing God work through His word as we read through the gospel, and love that this resource has made it so easy.


  • Kathleen Nielson, Author and speaker | starstarstarstarstar

    Great resource!

    This resource says, “Let’s do it. I’ll show you how.” It makes reading John’s Gospel with a friend not just doable, but inviting and clear. The questions and answers point right into the Bible text, leading us to listen to God’s Word and share its truth. This is a great resource that lets us depend on the greatest one—the Word itself.


  • Josh Moody, College Church Wheaton | starstarstarstarstar


    These booklets are an excellent resource for helping us read the Bible one–to–one


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