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The Word One to One: Pack One (Set of 2)

John Chapters 1 to 4

7 Customer Reviews

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This pack contains two copies of the first three books, containing 10 studies – one for you and one for your friend.

The Word One to One presents Jesus to your friends by opening up His Word.

Each double page has the Bible text on the left hand side, and on the right hand side questions, comments and answers.

Everything you need is included in the volume. This means you do not need to be used to teaching the bible, or leading a study, or have taken a course in John before opening these notes with your friends. All you need to explain the passage is in the notes!

The Word One to One takes you through the entire Gospel of John. This volume includes 10 studies, that take you to the end of John chapter 4.

Take a look inside HERE!

You can check out The Word One to One website at: www.theword121.com


Trim: Paperback
ISBN13: 9781909611214
Publisher: 10Publishing
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Customer Reviews

  • Andrea Trevenna– Associate for Women’s Ministry, St Nicholas Church, Sevenoaks, Kent | starstarstarstarstar

    Extremely helpful and easy to use

    These are three short books which have been written for use when reading John in a one to one context, covering John Ch1–4. The Bible passage is printed on the left hand side, in the middle are questions and comments and on the right hand side are answers which point back to the text. The aim is that this resource can be used by anyone; that Christians will have confidence as they seek to share the gospel with their friends and that non–Christian friends will not be embarrassed about not knowing the answers as they all there in the book!
    I have been using this resource with a non–Christian friend and have found the informality and simplicity of the layout (arrows, words underlined, the text at an angle), really helped my friend to feel relaxed and able to engage with God’s word. There is not too much text on each page so it doesn’t in any way feel overwhelming. The thing I have found most helpful about this resource is that the questions and comments come directly out of the passages and the answers clearly take us back to it and show us what is there. It has been exciting to see my friend realise that the answers are all there in the passage and that she can see them for herself! I have found that these books totally do what they set out to do and are extremely helpful and easy to use. I am very much looking forward to the next section of this resource coming out.


  • Lee Stone | starstarstarstarstar

    Great insight

    Having used these notes, I can say they provide a great insight into what we can learn from John’s gospel, and are detailed enough so that we can adapt them to our own style of explaining John to others in 1–2–1s.


  • Rico Tice – All Souls, Langham Place | starstarstarstarstar


    This is a wonderful recourse. I’m thrilled it’s available!
    Why? Because as you meet with your friend one to one they don’t have to say a word unless they want to – instead we present the Word to them.
    It’s genius!


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