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Changing Lanes

The Meaning to Life and the Truth about God

Jonny Pearse

2 Customer Reviews

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Life according to Jesus is really easy to understand; it’s about direction.

There are just two roads and two very different destinations. The most relevant question you can ask about your life is: where’s it going?

Jesus not only provides great answers to your biggest questions, He proves to be the solution to your biggest problem. Changing Lanes takes you on a journey of discovery in search of the meaning to life and the truth about God.


This is an excellent book and well worth every younger teenage Christian reading to remind them of what they believe and then giving a copy to their non–Christian friend!
– Andy Hutchinson, Associate Minister, St Giles’, Derby

Accessible and engaging…we’re already working out how we can use this in our school clubs.
Wayne Harris, National Director of CrossTeach



Trim: Paperback
ISBN13: 9781909611054
Publisher: 10Publishing
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Customer Reviews

  • Gordon Curley | starstarstarstarstar

    Gordon Curley - Evangelist

    We used the DVD & course over a bank-holiday weekend - the young people (aged 10 to 15) listened well to the DVD and the discussion times went really well.
    The DVD could do with a bit of humour in some of the illustrations but the content is good and the presenter is young - a good resource


  • Dan Green – www.blogofdan.co.uk | starstarstarstarstar

    I really like this books

    There is a real shortage of really good Christian books written specifically for teenagers. As someone who has a teenage daughter and does youth ministry, if a new book comes out for them, I’m keen to read it.

    A recent release is a short book by Jonny Pearse called Changing Lanes.

    Using the imagery of Jesus’ description of two roads, one that’s wide and leads to destruction, and one that’s narrow and leads to God and eternal life, the question this book asks its teenage readers is “Which of the two roads am I on?” with the hope that those on the wide road will change lanes!

    To help them do that, the seven chapters of the book take the teenager on a journey of discovery to find out the truth about religion, evidence, sin, hell, Jesus, forgiveness and Christianity.

    I really like this book.

    Each chapter is short, clear, uncompromising (especially the chapters on sin and hell), and accessible for teenagers, especially those who are currently on the wide road. There is also a seven week evangelistic DVD course which can be done in a youth group setting or individually online.

    I’m looking forward to running this course with the youth group I help to lead and to give out copies of the book at the end. Why not do the same?


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