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The Mystery of the Missing Spots

The story of Naaman

CB Martin and Jenny Brake

3 Customer Reviews

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There was once a soldier called Naaman. He had a big problem…he was covered in horrible spots!

A man called Elisha knew that God could get rid of Naaman’s spots. But to do so, he had to do something very mysterious.

Would Naaman obey God’s command? Would the spots disappear?

This book is designed for ages 4–7s.

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Trim: Paperback
ISBN13: 9781906173890
Publisher: 10Publishing
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Customer Reviews

  • Lucy Barr-Hamilton | starstarstarstarstar

    A great children's book

    I get frustrated when reading the story of Naaman in most children's bibles because the character who gets the most attention is the little girl from Israel - in fact most of the time I think the story has been included because it has a child in it, not to make any point.

    HOWEVER, CB's book gives all the glory to God for the healing of Naaman. It is clearly a story with a message about HIM, and not us, and CB Martin has included a short gospel summary linked to story at the end. I bought 25 to give away to older toddlers at christmas party, and I'm very pleased I did!


  • Kevin Baldwin | starstarstarstarstar

    Missing Spots...

    This book is true to the Bible, the pictures are really good and add immensely to the experience. This book would be equally at home as a family read or in a primary (KS1) school setting. The questions that this book provokes are answered at the end. As part of a series I look forward to the rest of them being released. This story is probably not one that has been given much attention as a children's story, as generally authors tend to steer clear of stories that tackle difficult issues


  • Julia Sanderson | starstarstarstarstar

    Missing Spots....

    What a fantastic explanation of the story of Naaman.
    The language used is simple but explains the message extremely well, including the fate of the kings servant.
    The illustrations are bright and fun! I especially like the cat, who popped up throughout the story!
    I will definatley be buying this book for my young friends!


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