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Romans: Momentous News

50 Undated Bible Readings

David Cook

2 Customer Reviews

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Paul’s letter to the Romans has been used by God to point people to Himself on so many occasions. It’s content brought about the Reformation of the church in the sixteenth century and the Wesleyan evangelical renewal of the eighteenth. One church historian, Frederick Godet, has said that, “Every revival can be traced to a deeper understanding of this letter”.

In fifty days, you’ll be guided through this magnificent book of the Bible by well–loved Bible teacher, David Cook. There are comments for each day’s portion and David finishes off each reading with some questions for private reflection.


Trim: Paperback
ISBN13: 9781906173241
Publisher: 10Publishing
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Customer Reviews

  • Graham Miller | starstarstarstarstar

    The gospel expounded

    The entire team at London City Mission have greatly enjoyed working through the book of Romans with the aid of David Cook's notes. What a blessing.


  • Laura de la Hoyde | starstarstarstarstar

    Full of grace and truth. Loving it.

    I've tried to wait till day 50 to write a review but on day 35 and I just have to jump in and say this is the BEST thing I've read on Romans. And the best thing I've done in my morning quiet times for ages. It's dense in all the right ways, devotional in all the right ways, and SO readable (I have young kids, so I need this!) I have enjoyed Jesus so much as I've done this study and I'd recommend it to anyone looking for gospel refreshment. The only problem I have is: what to read next! (recommendations welcome ;-) )


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