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A Taste for Life

Food for body and soul

Lesley Ramsay

1 Customer Review

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Have you ever felt ravenously hungry? Did you then experience the delicious contentment that comes with eating a fabulous meal? This book is a celebration of food which satisfies our hunger: on the one hand, physical food - from Asian-influenced tuna to flourless chocolate torte; on the other, spiritual food - the nourishment offered by the Bread of Life; Jesus. Lesley Ramsay takes you on a tantalising journey as she considers our often fruitless search to ease the cravings inside, and reveals where true satisfaction is found, while Cordon Bleu chef Rachel Billington creates ten mouth-watering recipes that will have you racing for the kitchen!


Trim: Paperback
ISBN13: 9781906173050
Publisher: 10Publishing
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Customer Reviews

  • Robyn Powell | starstarstarstarstar

    Original and engaging

    Auntie Mame – of Broadway and movie fame – always used to say “Life is a banquet, and most poor suckers are starving to death!” The writer of those words did not realise their absolute truth. We live in a fat, comfortable, prosperous country where people truly are starving to death. They need the eternal food that only Jesus can offer. So, I can think of at least four good reasons why you should grab this little book and keep it in your bag or your car, ready to give to someone whenever the subject of food comes up.

    1. It is a cookbook
    At any time of year, but especially as winter draws on, can there be any pleasure greater than being immersed in a well–written, well–photographed collection of recipes? (The answer to that, by the way, is no.)
    2. Those recipes are by Rachel Billington
    Rachel is a chef turned caterer who is well known in Sydney for her excellent food–based evangelistic events. She also makes delicious food. I know because I have eaten it!
    3. The book itself is by Lesley Ramsay
    Lesley is a Christian speaker and author of great winsomeness and persuasive powers. She also loves food in all its glory, but is far more concerned about eternal food. In this book she shares both these loves in her usual warm and personal way.
    4. This may be the evangelistic tool you have been looking for!

    I am constantly astounded at how easy it is to speak to people (especially women) about food. I have had many conversations with perfect strangers in supermarket aisles about food, recipes and preparation. It is a “neutral” subject, and an interesting one to most people.
    Lesley Ramsay has used the narrative of Jesus feeding the five thousand as the main point that food is good, but does not last. Jesus himself is the eternal food that we all need. This little book (it takes less than half an hour to read) explains the gospel clearly, unpacking many of the Biblical allusions to food, and God’s lavish provision for us while we were sinners.

    A Taste for Life is another original and engaging tool for connecting with those around us in a real and life–changing way. I intend to keep a copy of this book in my bag, and pray for an opportunity to give it away the next time someone asks me what I am going to do with all that baby spinach!


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