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Identity Course Guide Book

Who is God? Who are we?

Lee McMunn

1 Customer Review

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Who am I? What is the purpose of life? Who is God? Can I make contact with him? These are just some of the questions that many people are asking.

Identity is a seven–week course that examines the Gospel of John to clear up the confusion about who we are and who God is. Each session reveals more about the identity and mission of Jesus, and shows why he is the key to life and the one who can answer our big questions. The themes are:

WEEK 1 The God who created us

WEEK 2 The God who wants to rescue us

WEEK 3 The God we were made for

WEEK 4 The God who wants to comfort us

WEEK 5 The God who loves relationships

WEEK 6 The God who died for us

WEEK 7 The God who wants to persuade us

Each session also addresses a popular question, such as:

Are science and Christianity enemies or friends? What about other religions?

Why do we suffer?

This Guide Book, written by Lee McMunn, is suitable for use by groups and individuals. An accompanying DVD is also available, with subtitles in English, Polish, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Hindi and Farsi.

If you need gospels of John to use as you run the course we recommend these

Nothing is assumed. Everything is explained. Anything can be asked.

See a sample chapter HERE

To download the Leader’s Guide click HERE

The Identity Guide book is now available in Chinese – click HERE to download


Trim: Paperback
ISBN13: 9781906173357
Publisher: 10Publishing
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Customer Reviews

  • Dave Burke | starstarstarstarstar

    Identity Review

    I ran an Identity course in my home just after Christmas this year. We had picked up a number of interested enquirers from Christmas events and Identity proved to be ideal material to help them understand more about the gospel. Lee’s talks are clear, biblical and winsome; what’s more, they are exactly twenty minutes long and leave plenty of time for discussion. His shorter talks, about seven minutes each, aimed at answering common questions raised by the gospel, are right on the money too; a very useful supplement for each evening.
    The first night we had two ‘A’ level students, two lorry drivers, a teacher and a consultant eye doctor. Everyone enjoyed the evening and – crucially – they all came back for the rest of the course. Identity is pitched at exactly the right level and all my guests found it comprehensible and stimulating.
    We will certainly be using Identity again.


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