Charity Donations

10ofThose are committed to support Christian ministry. Not only through the provision of the resources we sell, and the discounts we provide, but also by passing on money generated through our business.

Armenian Ministries

10ofThose are delighted to be supporting Armenian Ministries (www.armenianministries.org.uk) – serving and supporting Christians in Armenia. They are involved in translating literature, teaching the gospel to children through Sunday schools and camps and providing financial help and humanitarian aid.

How we are supporting them

Customer donations can be received for this project when making a purchase on this site. Further donations will be made from the company as directed by the board. For further information about this please email the board.

About Armenian Ministries

Armenian Ministries, 78 Sherwood Drive, Spalding, Lincolnshire, PE11 1QP, UK

Charity Number: 1082371

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